SpikeFun v0.91 - Voltage Based STDP

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SpikeFun v0.91 has been released today, and it comes with a significant improvement of its long-term plasticity model: Voltage-based STDP.

What is voltage-based STDP?

Unlike conventional STDP models, which only consider timings of presynaptic and postsynaptic spikes, voltage based STDP model (of is also dependent on postsynaptic voltage at the site of the synapse. Voltage-based STDP model is able to account for much more STDP experiments and, unlike conventional STDP, its effect is able to form stable bidirectional connections which are seen in vivo and which are impossible to obtain with standard STDP.

More info about voltage-based STDP model can be obtained here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20098420

Voltage-based STDP has different parameters than old-style timing-only STDP.

New parameters are configurable for each base neuron type (see BaseNeuronTypes.xml):

StdpAPlusFac = STDP A+ factor (LTP)
StdpAMinusFac = STDP A- factor (LTD)
StdpTPlusFac = STDP T+ factor (ms)
StdpTMinusFac = STDP T- factor (ms)
StdpTXFac = STDP Tx factor (ms)
StdpThetaPlus = STDP Theta+ factor (mV)
StdpThetaMinus = STDP Theta- factor (mV)