New Milestone - 16.7 Million Neurons, 2.1 Billion Synapses

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Video below shows the largest SpikeFun simulation yet - with 16.7 million neurons and 2.1 billion synapses. This is, to my best knowledge, the largest spiking neural network simulation achieved on a home PC. Here are few fact about the simulation in the video below:

  • ~16.7 million neurons with ~2.1 billion synapses
  • 25 types of cortical, thalamic and brainstem (pontine tegmentum) neurons with multiple compartments
  • Tsodyks-Markram synapse model, including depressing and facilitating synapses (short-term plasticity) and differential axonal signalling
  • AMPA, NMDA, GABAa and GABAb synaptic receptors
  • Long-term plasticity modeled using Spike-timing dependent plasticity (STDP)
  • Local circuit connectivity based on cat primary visual cortex (V1) cell statistics
  • Long-range connectivity following data collected using Diffusion Spectrum Imaging (DSI)
  • Axonal bifurcations with multi-site targets for pyramidal neurons, variable axonal delays (myelinated/non-myelinated)